Maíz & Olivo Restaurant

Maíz & Olivo, Stanza Hotel Restaurant, a place with a fresh and innovative proposal, fusing Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean cuisine, in order to satisfy palates that want to try something new and different.

Visit us in la Roma - Condesa

A fusion of two highly traditional neighborhoods in the country's capital, this area has become a favorite of locals and visitors to Mexico City.

Today in the two restored neighborhoods, the most cosmopolitan spirit of the City seems to live. There are numerous restaurants, bars, bookstores, cafes, galleries and cultural centers that form important meeting centers for residents and visitors.

Enjoy our excellent location

We invite you to enjoy the view of the Pushkin Garden outdoors or inside the restaurant with open windows or at the tables at street level, with a good coffee accompanied by a muffin or homemade sweet bread.

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